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If you’ve spent time on keto-related websites and groups, you’ll see constant confusion over Net Carbs on Keto.

In this article, I’ll show you how to calculate your actual daily carbs.

At the top of the page, you will find an in-depth article on why we should remove dietary fibre when calculating net carbs in ket should you be curious about why this is the case and want to do more research.

As we go, we can think about how to work it out.

Working out Net Carbs on Keto

  1. Net carbs on keto, net carbs or total carbs on keto

Dietary Fiber is located in the Carbohydrates Heading. Therefore, you SUBTRACT It from total

In this case, it could mean that there are 3 grams of net carbs (i.e. 4 grams in full less 1 gram of fibre in the diet)

Like under the Fat section, nine grams of saturated fat are inside the package.



Net carbs on keto, net carbs or total carbs on keto

Net carbs on keto, net carbs or total carbs on keto

Dietary Fiber is its separate section and is already removed

In these two examples, the first one has 22.7 grams while the second panel has 34.6 grams of carbohydrates, but the dietary fibre has an individual section. It means it’s already been removed, and the NET carbohydrates are 22.7 or 34.6 grams.

The confusion I often see begins when Australians and Americans discuss keto’s net carbs – however, our labels differ! On most Australian brands, the fibre is separate from the carbohydrates already, which means it is not required to be taken out to calculate your net carbs.

American labels appear to be 50/50, with the deducting portion already being deducted and including it. Therefore it is essential to determine whether you are being strict and wish to keep less than 20 grams of net carbs daily.

If you’re working with My Fitness Pal, you can also search for items with net carbs. For instance, I type in tomatoes’ net carbs. It contains records that have fibre already taken out.

If you are confused by keto’s net carbs, your best bet is to avoid packaged food products! The packaged foods will try to make you believe at all times into believing that they’re healthier than they are. The ideal keto diet can be filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. No one has ever been removed from ketosis due to eating excessive amounts of spinach.

It is a complete article on net carbs and total carbs, courtesy of the Keto Diet App website.

I would also suggest not becoming too absorbed as you start with the macros, carb counts, and so on. It is best to stick to food items you are aware of that are keto-friendly and to focus on eating until you’re satisfied and becoming familiar with the food options available before jumping into a tizzy over how much zucchini you could eat in that meal.

Start each day at a time and be gentle with yourself if you do make mistakes. You’re reversing the effects of many years of wrong facts and bad habits. It isn’t going to happen in an instant.

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