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Her Legacy: Minnie Cumnock Blodgett & Nursing History

by Julia Bouwkamp for the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council |Illustrations by Libby VanderPloeg In 1917 as Americans prepared to enter World War I,...

5 Things to do this weekend, Oct. 18-20

Friday, Oct. 18 Barnyard Bonfire. Enjoy an evening of farm fun by the light of the moon. Take a farmyard flashlight tour – visiting the...

How to Get Back Into Running After a Long Break

Photos by Colleen Eversman at 2ndtruth Photography My mornings used to look like this: wake up, put running shoes on, run six miles. It was so...

HelloGiggles editors share the best career advice they’ve ever received

HelloGiggles editors share the best career advice they’ve ever received Careers are long and winding journeys,...

Thousands of Petals Set to Brighten Wednesday in West Michigan

New Data Shows Emotional Benefits of Flowers; Eastern Floral Encourages Busy Commuters to ‘Petal It Forward’ GRAND RAPIDS, MI – October 23, 2019 — Eastern...

Start Garden Launches $300k COVID-19 Support Fund

(GRAND RAPIDS, MI) – The Start Garden COVID-19 Support Fund launched today. The organization offers $300,000 of its own money to help entrepreneurs impacted by...

Australian Bloggers

Australian Bloggers are the new era of marketing that makes digital marketing the rising method for corporates to communicate their message. Establishing yourself in the elite group of Australian Bloggers is not easy in 2019 given the number of Aussie Bloggers popping up daily.


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